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Keep scrolling down to find out more information for books written by Michael D. Gannon and  his ongoing series "Stories from Portland Point"

Stories from Portland Point

     Stories from Portland Point is a concept fictional series where all the books share the same setting and characters weave in and out of each story. Each story has its own unique tone, ranging from thriller to historical fiction, from adventure to psychological. 

     Portland Point is a fictional town located on the Jersey Shore and contains many places where author Michael D. Gannon grew up and still lives. Mike has spent much time researching information to make each story uniquely realistic. 

     This project began as a collaborative effort with lifelong friend and fellow author Eamon Murray. Together, Eamon and Mike have created a universe with similar characters, settings, and intertwining themes.

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Welcome to Portland Point...

The Summer Fall

     The Summer Fall (2017) is the first installment in the "Stories from Portland Point" series written by Michael D. Gannon. In this opening story, the close knit community of Portland Point is faced with terrible possibility that one of its youth, an boy named Philip, is demonically possessed. Enter unwanted protagonist Jared Fox, a local teacher at the middle school and former deacon of the town's only Catholic church. Fox is having his own crisis of faith; he left his vocation as a deacon amidst rumors of abuse by the pastor, he lost his wife to illness, and now finds himself a single parent raising two teenagers. Ordered to home instruct Philip by his principal and recruited by the new pastor to assist in helping the possessed child, can Fox reclaim his faith in time to save this young boy and his relationship with his own children?

     "The greatest trick the Devil has ever played is to make you believe he doesn't exist. Evil does not fight fair."

The Winter Spring

     In the upcoming release of The Winter Spring (2019), Portland Point is a media circus, and Jared Fox seems to be at the center. His children, Amanda and Ben, have to grow up quicker than they should and must learn to depend on each other. Along with the guidance of Father Tommy and Chief Thundercloud, the Fox children realize their family's place in this unbelievable supernatural fight whose implications extend from the Jersey Shore to Vatican City.



     "Maybe saying 'the Lord works in mysterious ways' is our way to justify bad events we wouldn't expect a good God to allow," Father Tommy crushingly contemplated. "Am I a bad person if fighting demons proves to me that God exists?"

     Kidd (2020) is the first installment in the "Stories from Portland Point" series that is historical fiction. Captain William Kidd was a seventeenth century Scottish pirate who was known to patrol the waters around colonial Portland Point. After finding some intriguing clues in his late grandfather's attic, young Alex MacVicar begins to research some legends until he finds what he thinks is the final clue that puts the lost treasure of Captain Kidd within close reach. His passion leads him to recruit the high school's newest history teacher for help, Dr. Ben Fox.

Dr. Fox


     In Dr. Fox (2021) Ben Fox returns to Portland Point to become the principal of the middle school. His return, however, is marred by the legend of his father, Jared Fox. As he makes his own mark to escape his father's shadow, Ben must come to accept his family's past and place in the history of Portland Point...and at some point, make contact with his estranged sister, Amanda.

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